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The Swinging lifestyle is a fun open way for couples to meet other couples for casual sex, but it’s not for every one, lots of couples cheat on one another but for those who enjoy the hedonistic lifestyle of swinging it is more than just cheating, you see every swinging couple is completely happy for their husband, wife or partner to have sex with some one else but what they don’t do is to go behind there partners back to get their kicks, swinging is all about being open and honest with your loved one while enjoying an open and free relationship with out any jealousy, some couples only play together while being in the company of others with a little soft touching, while others like full on swinging and wife swapping with full penetration, but what ever Swinging lifestyle you choose we can help you meet the right swingers who I am sure will become your friends.

It took me and my husband a long time to take the plunge into the Swinging lifestyle, we talked about it for ages and ages and even chatted to other swingers to see if it was for us, then one day we where invited to a swingers night out by one of the couples we had been chatting to. We where both very nervous not knowing what to expect but we went along, when we arrived it was explained that we where not expected to do anything unless we felt comfortable or wanted to, we went over to the bar and got our selves a drink people would come up to us and introduce themselves, every one was very friendly and open, we enjoyed the atmosphere and where able to relax although we didn’t do anything that night, but the next time we where invited out was very different and we met a lovely couple who we did some soft swapping with building ourselves up for what we hoped would come next, that was a few years ago and now we regularly attend hot swinger evening and take part in couple to couple sex, orgies and gangbangs, my wife has become a big fan of Bukkake parties and loves being surrounded by a group of guy’s who stand there and masturbate over her face and tit’s. come and try the Swinging lifestyle for your self you can take it as quick or as slow as you like you set the pace but I can guarantee once you have tried swinging you will be hooked.

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